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February 01, 2016

Every business needs an energy booster from time to time. Whether you're in the start-up mode or have been in business for years, everything can become routine. A new idea, a new thought, a little energy booster can do wonders to take your business out of the "doldrums" to a higher level of activity. Try these tips for a little added boost to your business:

Maintain Focus

Keep your eye on the ball! Once you lose sight of your business objectives, it is easy to get off course. Keep a list of your company’s most immediate and important objectives in plain sight all the time...and read them at the start of each day!

Reward Employees

You’re not the only one who likes to be rewarded and surprised. Employees like that too! Show appreciation when it’s least expected. Rewards don’t always have to follow a big sale, making the numbers, fewer customer complaints, etc. Hard work and loyalty deserve attention, also. A coffee card, a free lunch, a few hours off with pay can create astonishing results. Little cost...big rewards! 

Difficulty of Change

Change is going to happen and everyone has a choice to make – embrace it or resist it. Rather than fearing change, accept it as a path to success. Consider the change possibilities, focus on what you can control, be enthusiastic, open, and adaptable...and, surround yourself with others who have a positive attitude!


Posted by Richard Weinberger, PhD, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants


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