Change Is Good

September 12, 2016

Change is inevitable in every business. Some owners resist change while others embrace change. Some owners view change as being positive for their companies while others just want the status quo. Employees do the same; some accept change as part of working while others resist any change to their jobs.

Positive or Negative

It depends on what kind of changes take place within a business as to whether they will have a positive or negative influence in the future. Of course, change should always be with the idea that positive, progressive changes will take place…simple, yet complicated.

Change What?

Every business regardless of type or size operates with certain processes and procedures. While some might work flawlessly all the time, others might need revisions from time-to-time to work the same way all the time with maximum efficiency. 

A business might certainly know of some changes that should take place immediately while other possible changes need to be studied and reviewed. The idea is to make changes that will lead to improving operations. These changes could involve any department in the company…accounting, production, or sales, as examples.

How and When?

Change must be planned and orderly with the least amount of business disruption and cost. For change to be orderly, all effected employees should be told of upcoming changes and even involved and consulted in the change process. Communication is an important element during a change process for it to be most effective and positive. 

Since it is common for employees to resist change, an important aspect of the change process is to secure employee “buy-in.” When communicated correctly, resistance can turn into cooperation.


The outcome of any change should be results oriented. Two important questions are: (1) What will be the end result of potential changes? and (2) How will those changes be measured? The answer to these questions should be discussed during the initial phase of the change process.


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