Consultants and Business Principles

June 17, 2015

Whether a business is located in New York City, London, Singapore, Sydney, or Dubai, business principles remain the same. Privately owned businesses are found in large cities, small towns, developed countries, and developing countries. Although cultural differences certainly exist, one thing remains the same. Basic business principles to improve operational efficiency and maximize profit are practiced the same throughout the world.

Every business, large or small, wherever located needs quality leaders, motivated employees, standardized processes and procedures, planning, marketing strategies, solid financing, business goals, internal controls, prudent decision making...and the list continues.

The goal of any business...micro, small, SME, or to not only survive but to succeed and grow. Without the goal to grow, then a business stagnates and watches from the sidelines as the competition gains a stronger place in the market. Many times, small businesses and SMEs have a misconception that, somehow, basic business principles do not apply to them...only to large organizations. Of course, most large entities began operations in a small way.

Accredited Small Business Consultants (ASBC) and Accredited SME Consultants (ASMEC - designation for international members) certified by the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants are a tremendous assistance to small business and SME owners by explaining all of the core competencies necessary to efficiently operate a business. Consultants are trained in all aspects of business operations. They understand not only the basic principles that make businesses of any size successful, but they understand the subtle differences that are unique to small businesses and SMEs.

All businesses go through various organizational life cycles regardless of location or size. The business principles needed to navigate through each stage successfully must be implemented the same...location makes no difference. The difference, however, between success and failure is whether or not basic business principles are consistently practiced.

Posted by Richard Weinberger, PhD, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants


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