How Business Consultants Help Clients

July 09, 2015

Small business and SME owners know how difficult it can be to meet the meet deadlines and run day-to-day operations of a business. They are constantly being pulled in a number of different directions at any given moment and juggling everything from budgets and marketing to scheduling and employee issues. Needless to say, managing a small business or SME can make an owner's head spin.

With all of the items on a daily "to do" list, what's the answer? If an owner can't find more than 24 hours in each day or can't find more than seven days in each week, then the secret must be in getting help from an expert.

An Accredited Small Business Consultant or Accredited SME Consultant (designation for international members) can be a game changer for the business owner pressed for time...or out of time. Here are three ways a certified consultant can assist a small business or SME owner.

Help Make the Most of Resources

Small business owners must make the most of what they have; however, this can prove to be difficult when "going it alone" and there is no one to ask for advice. Although a small business or SME might have a limited budget does not mean that help is not available. Accredited Small Business Consultants and Accredited SME Consultants understand the uniqueness of owning a small business and what it takes to make the most of whatever is available.

Be Hired on a Per Hour or Per Project Basis

Small business and SME consultants can be hired to fit the financial needs of clients. This can be on an hourly basis or project basis. Consultants, like any business, set their own rates and have their own consulting arrangements depending on the client and type of consulting engagement. The reasonable part about a small business hiring a consultant is that the consultant is there when needed and for a specific purpose...not a full-time employee who is not kept busy all the time. A qualified consultant specializing in the area of small businesses and SMEs can assist owners as issues and problems arise in a business. Hiring a consultant when needed gives owners the assurance that problems are not only getting resolved but getting resolved correctly to improve operational efficiency and maximize profit.

Offer a Fresh Perspective

You've heard the expression, "You can't see the forest for the trees." Well, many times owners can't see the problems in their own businesses and need a fresh pair of eyes...a new see and solve business issues. Small business and SME consultants are specifically trained to analyze business data and develop strategies that are necessary for business growth and long-term success. When a business owner has no one else to ask for advice, a fresh look at things from an objective expert can be invaluable. The best advice is objective advice.

One key element of success in a small business or SME depends on attention to detail. When an owner doesn't have time to devote to all of the details necessary to operate an efficient business, it might be time to call in an expert who can help sort out the details and point owners in the right direction. The perfect person to do Accredited Small Business Consultant or Accredited SME Consultant.


Posted by Richard Weinberger, PhD, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants


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