Is Your Business Ready For The Mobile Market?

May 26, 2017

Did you know that according to Google more searches take place on mobile devices than desktop computers in numerous countries? As consumers access mobile devices more and more for business searches, Google has made a push to benefit the majority of mobile searchers. 

Due to the surge of mobile traffic, Google has initiated what is referred to as mobile-first index. This ranks websites based on the mobile version of content, even for listings that are shown to desktop users.

Improve Google Rankings

Below are a few items businesses should work on with a web developer to make sure the following actions are done properly so its website content ranking passes the mobile-first test:


Web surfers (and Google) expect websites to load fast. Five seconds might not seem like a long time but when it comes to page loading, a few seconds can make the difference between a prospect or customer staying to view content or clicking to another site. It is important to optimize page speed. 


A mobile-friendly website design is also referred to as responsive design. This means that the website design should respond to a visitor’s screen size, device, platform, and orientation. To ensure that a website is responsive, pop-ups should be eliminated, content condensed to reduce scrolling, etc...all things to make a site design more mobile-friendly.

On-page SEO

Since screens on mobile devices are obviously considerably smaller than on a desktop monitor or laptop, titles and descriptions should be concise and to the point. Embedded meta titles and descriptions used to generate clickthroughs from search engines must be optimized to result in a higher click-through rate and improved rankings. 

Mobile optimization is no longer optional. It is reality. Research "Google Mobile Friendly Test" to check any website for mobile friendly compatibility.


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