It’s All About Customers

November 15, 2016

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Often times, however, owners, managers, and employees forget the importance of customers. Without customers, there is no business…no business, no income…no business, no jobs. 

Long-Term Sustainability

Customers are not only sources for a business’ current income; they are the foundation for long-term sustainability, growth, and future success. Businesses cannot sustain continued growth when customers come and go. Certainly, there will always be a certain amount of customer movement regardless of positive efforts by a business. Some customers may no longer need a business’ products or services while others may relocate; therefore, current customers must be retained and new customers continuously added. 

Keeping Current Customers

While marketing efforts attract new customers, employees must work to maintain current customers. This can be accomplished with such things as:

•    Superior products and services
•    Value pricing
•    Customer service
•    Promises fulfilled
•    After sale follow-up

When a philosophy of “customer first” is a company mantra, then the above and other factors automatically fall into place. Competition is intense for consumer dollars regardless of the business or industry. Service, retail, professional, or manufacturing businesses offer very different products and services. Customers, however, seek the same thing when they purchase…benefits and solutions to problems. 

Value of Customers

What customers can’t find at one business, they can find at another. Very few, if any, business monopolies exist. Therefore, after customers find the products and services they need, they seek to do business where they feel they are valued. Every customer is important for long-term business success. A revolving door of customers in, customers out will not produce satisfactory results for a business. 

Know the value of customers and let customers know they are valued. Customers first, customers last, customers forever!

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