Make Social Media Work in Your Business

July 20, 2015

More businesses today than ever are using social media to help brand themselves and reach more customers. This doesn’t mean, however, that social media is working for every business. Unfortunately, many are not seeing the results they want and wonder why their efforts are not producing the positive returns they anticipated would be created.

The key to social media success is strategy. It doesn't work automatically. Just as a company's website needs relevant content, the same holds true for social media sites. Consumers are inundated with all kinds of information on the Internet...some useful, some not. Your business cannot be just another provider of information. It must be a provider of "relevant" information for your business' social media sites to gain followers and produce positive results. The content should be consistent and meet the needs of customers and prospects.

Effective social media when done correctly has the potential to greatly increase business revenue with followers sharing thoughts and eventually making purchases. When done incorrectly, the reverse is true. A business' customer base can be increased with new prospects while at the same time keeping existing customers interested. This all leads to increased sales. When actively engaged, customers stay with your business rather than straying to others.

Create a calendar to make sure content is posted when anticipated by your followers ...not just one post every couple of weeks. Trust and loyalty is created with consistency. When you or your employees don't have the time to focus on social does take time...then contract the work out to an individual or firm specializes in this area.

Visitors want to connect and associate with your business. That's why they follow your site. If they don't connect, they're gone in an instant. Give followers something so they return. Maybe it's information; maybe it's a business special. Whatever it is, make it relevant. If you don't, your competition probably will and off goes a customer!


Posted by Richard Weinberger, PhD, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants


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