Small Business Consultants Give Advice About Employee Attitudes

October 06, 2015

Do you ever walk into a business and it seems as though every employee is happy, energetic, a team player, and ready to help you with anything you need? What about the opposite? Ever walk into a business and feel the tension, uneasiness, and lethargic look in everyone's face? What makes the difference?

Employee attitudes permeate from the top down. Owners and managers (aka management) set the tone AND expectations. When either of the ingredients is missing, they miss the mark with employees. Management must lead by example. We hear this all the time. This is not revolutionary and when practiced consistently can have profound, positive effects on a business. 

Employees with great attitudes are motivated. They increase productivity, help motivate fellow employees, improve quality and performance, and increase customer satisfaction and retention. Of course, the opposite is true for an unmotivated workforce. Great attitudes, however, do not happen by accident. There must be a conscientious effort by management to instill in employees what is expected of them when dealing with colleagues and customers. This is accomplished when management leads by example and communicates...two simple principles that are so often overlooked. 

When management treats employees and customers with respect and a caring interest, employees become engaged and feel a true association with the business they are working for. The two most important groups for any business...employees and customers...must be treated as such. Employees are quick to notice how management treats them and customers. They are also quick to notice what is expected of them...high expectations or low expectations. 

It is easy for management to pick one scenario or the other. One produces positive results. The other produces negative results. One takes effort on the part of management. The other takes no effort. As an owner, which scenario would you prefer for your business and employees? Accredited Small Business Consultants and Accredited SME Consultants know this scenario well and the type of advice to give to their clients on how to motivate employees and keep the energy level high.

Posted by Richard Weinberger, PhD, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants


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