Small Changes Today = Big Improvements Tomorrow

October 19, 2017

There is always something that can be done to improve a business. Some changes might be subtle while others might be major and take considerable time to implement. It is important, however, to do something frequently that can improve operations leading to greater productivity and higher profits.

Try these small changes today that can lead to big improvements tomorrow:

Form a consensus

Strive to get buy-in from employees. Rather than making demands and giving directives with little success at times, work to form a consensus. Once everyone is “on board,” success and achievements come much quicker!


Every organization must have a certain amount of discipline to operate efficiently. Discipline does not mean a lack of flexibility and job enjoyment. It does mean, however, that everyone in an organization – from top to bottom – must adhere to company policies and regulations. State what you intend to enforce – and enforce what you say! 

Lead by example

Do as I say, not what I do! This is not a principle that gets mileage with employees. Lead by example. If the boss can do it, then employees can do it...or if the boss can’t do it, then employees can’t do it!

Look Back

When company goals have not been met, it is important to look not only forward for changes, but also look back to see what distractions occurred. Keep daily calendar notes about what took place in your business - the weather, news events, competitors, new customers, etc. You had a diary when you were a kid. Now keep a diary about your business!


Do owners always have the best ideas? Maybe, but not all the time! An owner might be the owner, but that does not mean the best ideas can only come from one person. Ask questions and engage employees. You, the owner, just might be surprised what wonderful ideas employees have if they are just given the opportunity to express their thoughts!


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