Talk Too Much

August 02, 2016

Everyone likes to talk, especially, when they talk about themselves. A problem arises, however, when an employee talks too much. You’ve been there. You’re making a purchase, browsing, or paying for a meal, and what happens? You can’t get away from the employee who is insistent upon talking. It’s not only annoying for the customer but bad for business.

Owners As Mentors

Owners should mentor employees on how to handle communication. Certainly, communication with customers is important. The communication, however, must be appropriate for the business setting. Customers want one thing when purchasing. They seek benefits for the money they spend and solutions to their problems. Employees must communicate this to customers...benefits and solutions the business offers through its products or services.

Communication Problem

A problem arises when an employee does not stop with basic communication. Personal conversations, of course, add to the engagement process. Many employees, unfortunately, just don't seem to know when to stop. Employees need to listen to customers, but when the conversation takes a turn and employees start talking about themselves, it's time for the communication process to end. Even if a customer is talking about something personal, employees can prohibit the conversation from ending by asking too many questions. This, also, is a problem.

Drive Business Away

There is sometimes a fine line between being friendly and being overly talkative. Owners and employees need to be cognizant of this fact.

Owners must lead by example. The talkative business owner is just as bad as the talkative employee. Part of the onboarding process of new employees should be the discussion of company guidelines for communication with co-workers and customers. It, also, never hurts to have periodic refresher courses for seasoned employees. As employees learn and are updated on the benefits of a business' products and services, they equally must learn the art of communication. Too much is at stake for a business not to spend time mentoring employees on proper ways to communicate.

Make the right pitch and prospects are turned into customers.  Make the wrong pitch and prospects become someone else's customer. Employees who learn the "do's and don'ts" of communication will keep business for a company rather than drive it away!


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