Business Gifts That Produce Positive Results

August 21, 2018

In some businesses and professions, it is customary (if not expected) to receive various types of business gifts. These might be promotional items, tickets to sporting events, or gift baskets of food during a holiday season. 

Business as Usual

For those businesses where gifts are routine, the gesture of giving may or may not produce noticeable tangible results although there might be a good feeling for a brief moment in time for the donor. These types of gifts have been given in the past and will continue in the future with probably the same effect on the recipient – expected. From time to time, there might be a slight change in the gift but with little noticeable results. 

Although revenue might not increase or decrease with the giving or elimination of business gifts, it is still a time-tested method to market. As marketing tools, business gifts especially with a brand or logo keep a company's name in front of the intended recipient. Of course, business gifts when directed to the appropriate individuals can certainly have a positive impact on sales and loyalty.

Making a Difference

There are also business gifts that can make a difference in another way and can have a huge impact with the recipient. These are the unexpected gifts. They come from unexpected donors to unexpected recipients. It's the receptionist, warehouse worker, assistant, hourly employee, marketing intern, or a host of other employees who receive an unexpected gift that means so much. It brightens their day and motivates them to excel in whatever they do. 

The gifts might come from a boss, vendor, or other business acquaintance. It might be for a job well done, a special personal occasion, or a simple "thank you" to show appreciation for continued support and commitment to the company.

It's the Gesture that Counts

Business gifts do not have to be expensive to accomplish the intended results. It might be something quite modest...a box of candy, a gift card to a restaurant, a coffee card, or a potted plant. An employee returning from vacation might bring back a souvenir for a co-worker who took on extra work while the employee was gone or a salesperson to show appreciation to an assistant for making last minute travel plans.

Gifts let employees know that they are valued by bosses and colleagues. Customers also find a special meaning when they know a business gift was personalized for them. 

The List is Endless

In today's world of juggling work and family, “thank you” is frequently forgotten; therefore, a show of appreciation goes a long way. A small, unexpected gift can be amazingly refreshing. It energizes the recipient and makes the donor special. Consider giving a small gift to show appreciation for a job well done and make someone’s day a special day.