Do Your Employees Know What Their Real Job Is?

February 22, 2018

Does everyone in a business have a separate job, or should all jobs in a business be contributing to the same, ultimate goal? Are jobs and job functions the same, or is there a difference? What would employees normally say if they were gathered together in a conference room and the owner asked, “What is your job?”

One might say, “I’m a software engineer.” Another might say, “I’m in charge of inventory control.” And, still another might say, “I’m the receptionist.” Are they all correct in their answers? Are they telling the owner what their job is, or are they telling the owner their job title and function?

In every business, there are many titles and many job functions, but there is one main job that everyone has regardless of their title. Everyone is and should be a salesperson for the business. This is not something that comes easy to everyone, but the philosophy of all employees should be to positively promote the business in every possible way that will enhance sales and customer satisfaction. Thus, everyone’s job is to be a salesperson for the business. Although not an simple task, this is something that should be instilled in all employees. 

Certainly, some employees are the ones actually dealing directly with customers, selling its products and services, and closing deals or making actual sales, but all employees regardless of job function are part of the entire sales chain. No business can operate with only a direct salesforce. There are all types of support staff necessary to complete the circle of supplier to customer back to supplier for re-orders and back to customers for additional sales (a supply chain). Within this circle might be production staff, warehouse clerks, office personnel, administrative assistants, etc. that are necessary for a business to operate.

As you start to think about the jobs everyone in a business has, you begin to realize that sales is everyone’s job. All employees play a vital role in performing their respective job functions the best way possible to help the business achieve its goals. As a business grows and prospers, employees in one way or another share in the prosperity with job stability, increased pay, benefits, better working conditions, etc. 

On the other hand when revenue is stagnate or declining, everyone suffers. Therefore, owners and managers must impress upon all employees the importance of thinking every day in their own way how they can help make the business’ products or services more saleable whether through better customer service, organizational efficiency, lower costs, or higher product quality. 

Individual performance counts but operating a business is not an individual sport. It is a team effort. Yes, everyone has a specific job function, but all of the functions are interrelated that produce a winning sales force. When the team wins, everyone wins. When the team loses, everyone loses.  

It is important for a business through its owners and managers to communicate this team philosophy to all employees. Everyone plays a significant role in the sales circle; therefore, everyone is in sales. Now, if you ask an employee, “What is your job?” what answer would you hope to hear?