Marketing: Different Today Than Yesterday

June 21, 2018

One thing that is constant in business is "change." This axiom certainly applies to the marketing efforts of any business. An effective marketing program will and must change as a business progresses through its organizational life cycles from the formation stage to early and later growth stages. 

Marketing Efforts Change Over Time

Marketing efforts that are necessitated in the formation stage of a business to establish its presence, brand it, and build its reputation will not be the same as the business evolves and matures. There will be a need to use different types and quantities of marketing to achieve optimum results. It might seem simple enough to say that as a company sees its business increase, marketing efforts can decrease; however, this is not the case.

Variables Force Change

Internal and external variables are constantly exerting pressure on any marketing program forcing changes – some frequently, others infrequently – depending on the extent of the variable. As examples, these variables might be:

•    New or updated product or service launches
•    Business expansion or reduction
•    Increases or decreases in the competition
•    Robust or stagnant economy

Marketing Delivery System

Not only do internal and external variables cause change to a marketing program, the marketing delivery system also changes over time. The type of marketing that was effective ten years ago, five years ago, or even one year ago is not necessarily the same type of marketing that is effective today. Predominant types of marketing that once might have been used by most businesses (radio, TV, billboard, direct mail, or newspaper) have been replaced with e-commerce, social networking, Internet searches, and pay-per-click campaigns. Although, some forms of marketing used in the past are still used today, there has been a definite shift from basic resources of yesterday to basic resources of today. 

Change With The Times

An important concept is that a company's marketing program is a work-in-progress. It will continue to change and evolve with the times, the business itself, and the competitive landscape. A solid marketing program will encompass many different forms of marketing depending on the business and the industry.

Test For Effectiveness

Marketing changes, which are inevitable, must be planned and tested for effectiveness by making only one change at a time. If multiple variables are changed at the same time, then it is difficult to determine whether a specific change produced a desired and intended result. Each marketing change should be reviewed and judged for either a positive or negative influence on whatever the goal of a specific marketing campaign was...increased sales, incoming calls, website visitors, etc. 

Need For Solid Marketing

Businesses need solid marketing plans to produce stability and drive growth for long-term sustainability. Without a plan, a company simply operates from day to day without a real direction just hoping for the best – maybe success comes, maybe it doesn't. Without proper planning and understanding that change is both necessary and good, then there will very likely be little effective marketing – and when there is not effective marketing, there is no business!