Quality Does Matter

June 23, 2016

If you don't think quality matters, just ask your customers. Whether a business is in the retail sector, service, or manufacturing, quality is an important issue with customers. They expect certain levels of quality and remember what they receive long after a sales transaction.

Levels of Quality

There definitely different levels of quality delivered by a business depending on the product, service, or industry niche. In other words, a different level of quality is expected from a high-end, luxury automobile versus a low-priced, economy car. Likewise, better quality is expected from a high-end, name-brand clothing article than what is normally found in a large discount retailer.

The bottom line is that businesses must compete to be the "best in their class" when it comes to quality. They must prove to customers that the quality they deliver is what is promised and expected.

Dollars Saved, Dollars Lost

When business decisions are made to "skimp" on quality by saving a few dollars today, the end result is customer loss rather than customer retention. Obviously, non-returning customers equate to lost future dollars. Sometimes, of course, a quality issue arises that was not foreseen by the business and inferior products are sold or services delivered. How these situations are handled make the difference between retaining or losing customers.

Handling Quality Issues

When quality issues first arise, they must be dealt with immediately with a variety of alternatives. Products can be replaced, service reworked, discounts given, money refunded, or other options that will either alleviate the problem or rectify the situation with a customer. Knowing about a quality issue and doing nothing is tantamount to creating a business disaster. Customers will not only NOT return to the business, they will tell their story of dissatisfaction to a countless number of their acquaintances. With the Internet filled with numerous social media sites, a dissatisfied customer can spread the word faster to customers and prospects far beyond their own circle of acquaintances.

Moral of Story

If there is a quality issue, figure out how to resolve it immediately. Long-term, sustainable businesses need customers who want to repeat their buying experience.