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What the AASBC® Certification Does for You

The Accredited Small Business Consultant® (ASBC®) and Accredited SME Consultant™ (ASMEC is the designation for international members) are the first certifications awarded after the successful passing of the basic exam. It signifies that:

  • You have demonstrated your expertise in the area of small business and SME consulting.
  • You can assist clients improve operational performance and achieve higher profits.
  • You are prepared to accept small business and SME consulting engagements.

The Master ASBC and Master ASMEC (designation for international members) designations are awarded to individuals who:

  • The Master level certification is a distinction for members who demonstrate a superior understanding of small business and SME consulting.
  • Members at this level exhibit not only a higher knowledge level but also display practical skills with submitted, approved consulting reports.
  • Hold the basic ASBC or ASMEC (designation for international members) certification.
  • Have passed the Master level exam, which is a higher-level exam, more detailed than the basic certification exam.
  • Master ASBC or Master ASMEC (designation for international members) exam and certification is a one-time only fee of $249.00

The AASBC is the only global association specializing in training and certification of small business and SME consultants. Advantages of membership are:

  • SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit methodology focuses on all core competencies necessary to successfully consult with small business and SME clients.
  • Training will complement your existing business knowledge and experience or enable you enter the professional field of small business consulting with newly discovered knowledge. 
  • Designed to be affordable to professionals interested in all aspects of small business and SME operations.

The Process

Become AASBC Accredited

Three steps to become certified:

  • Complete the short, online application to join and pay with a credit or debit card through our secure system.
  • Prepare for the certification exam by studying the SEMP Approach training book enhanced with a 40-video lecture series.
  • Pass the online, certification exam taken on your own computer.