The strength of an association is two-fold: the content it delivers to its members and the members themselves who take pride in their association and strive to give the “very best they have” to each and every client. The AASBC is proud of its members who have attained the certification of Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC®) in the U.S. and Accredited SME Consultant (ASMEC®) for our international members and want to share with you a few comments from these members regarding the AASBC.  


Whether you are a seasoned small business consultant, or considering making the transition to becoming one, I would highly recommend  the certification program offered by the AASBC.  The SEMP Approach training book, lecture videos, tools and online resources are truly outstanding and lay out the groundwork for a successful consulting practice.  Many thanks to Dr. Richard Weinberger and his excellent staff for developing and supporting a relevant and well-rounded approach to small business consulting."
- Bob Blum, CPA, ASBC - Alcyon Consulting

My experience with AASBC® has truly been outstanding. With over 25 years of professional business experience, I was very selective in my journey to identify relevant tools and knowledge that would strengthen my consulting practice. The SEMP Approach training is truly is a step-by-step simplified approach to small business consulting that expanded my knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Richard Weinberger and the SEMP Approach methodology. Dr. Richard Weinberger’s combined approach of using the on-demand video lecture series and the SEMP Approach training book helped me organize my learning and apply what I learned to my consulting business. The knowledge and confidence I gained from this accreditation has enabled me to serve my clients better with a more well-versed approach. Also, the on-going support and access to the on-demand videos, newsletters, checklists, marketing materials, reports, and resources are phenomenal.   "
- Shawn M. Wilson, ASBC - Founder and CEO, Biz Advisory Consulting, LLC. - www.bizadvisory.com/

Becoming a certified member of the AASBC may be the best decision of my professional career. I’ve spent roughly the past 10 years as a salesmen and sales manager providing tremendous value to the companies I’ve worked for and making them a substantial amount of money. Yet, by comparison, I saw very little money myself and felt unfulfilled. Coming from little means, I was not afforded much of an opportunity to go to college nor did I care to spend a great length of time only to end up with the same level of education as my peers. While an investment, joining the AASBC was significant cost-saving. In addition to receiving a rich education about the finer points of small business consulting, I now have the advantage of credibility and an unmatched value proposition. After joining, I began to build my consulting practice. Now, after only one year, I’ve passed the exam and own my very own consulting company! At 28 years old, I am the first member of my family to own my own business and have the distinct advantage of being the only consulting company in my area that can advertise as being accredited. An advantage that has not gone unnoticed. DO NOT hesitate to become a member. Dr. Weinberger is a fantastic teacher, and it may just be the best money you ever spent. Thank you to the AASBC, and thank you Dr. Weinberger for helping me to live my dream. "
- Stephen Bognar, ASBC - President, Evolant, Inc. - www.evolantconsulting.com

The AASBC program helped me understand all aspects of business: management, operations, accounting, budgeting, etc. - all explained in the SEMP Approach book in an organized, simplified, and easy way to understand. Every module of the book contains all the important topics related to the chapter title, in addition to numerous tips, and a comprehensive checklist that helped me give professional consultation. I'm really grateful that I found the AASBC. The customer service is the best! Larry always following up with me, and I felt special when Larry and Dr. Weinberger emailed me personally to congratulate me immediately after passing the exam. If you are passionate about business (especially small to medium-sized businesses), do not hesitate to become an Accredited SME Consultant with the AASBC!  You will notice a huge difference in the way of thinking after you complete the program and pass the exam."
- Eng. Kenda Matouq -ASMEC - Co-founder, Alrajaa Academy - www.alrajaacademy.com - Jubail, Saudi Arabia

I decided to become a member of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants® upon learning of the organization from an SBDC friend and colleague. I made the decision to join, learn the SEMP approach, and passed the exam. The SEMP Approach is a great roadmap for growing a business resulting in positive outcomes for all my clients. The accreditation lends to my professional portfolio where clients and business partners require a level of professional trust in working and partnering together. As a Business Coach since 2014, with an MBA and over 27 years of experience in both government and private sector, one of my pillars is the more I learn, the better I can serve my clients and my community. Being an active member of the AASBC provides me a stronger foundation of expertise to consult and coach businesses. Excellent decision to be part of the AASBC!"
- William E. Linzey, ASBC - 19Seventeen, LLC - www.19seventeen.coom

The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC) and the Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC) designation have provided me with the tools I was looking for which was a hands-on program to both tie together and help me expand my business consulting skills. I already had Master's and Law degrees, served as a Program Manager at the U.S. Small Business Administration for 29 years, and operated a solo law firm and a business consulting firm.  What was missing was a formal road map to organize my business consulting. Enter AASBC, ASBC, and the SEMP Approach. The systematic program tied the consulting engagement together and offered a viable roadmap for success. The training book and videos were outstanding, and I am confident that my ASBC designation will bring me even more recognition, contribute to the bottom line, and provide more value to my clients."
- Edsel M. Brown Jr., MA, JD, ASBC - Managing Member, Edsel M. Brown Jr. Group, LLC - www.edselmbrownjrgroup.com

The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants® certification has provided the key resources and support to achieve great success in my development program. The program, the resources, and the SEMP Approach™ are excellent! The exam covers the entire small business environment and was quite challenging but for a solid program like this, it should be expected. I would recommend anyone seriously interested in being a business consultant, to consider this certification."
- Brian K. Marshall, ASBC - Director of Entrepreneurship, BCL of Texas - www.bcloftexas.org

I joined the AASBC® because of the wealth of information available to members. I am a COO and CFO for two small businesses and have a consulting firm of my own. The program, the resources, and the SEMP Approach™ are excellent! The exam canvassed the entire small business environment and was quite challenging. As an Accredited Small Business Consultant®, I am not only more valuable to my employers, but I am able to present credentials to other small businesses that I assist which gives them a comfort level they may not have had otherwise."
- Eric Combs, ASBC - Chief Financial Officer, K-Con Inc. - Managing Member, ERC Enterprises, LLC

The products, tools, and support that have come with being a member of the AASBC have been a tremendous asset to my consulting firm. Additionally, studying the material, watching the lectures, and now implementing these strategies within my practice have truly taken my business to the next level. I am honored to be a part of this organization and to officially call myself an Accredited Small Business Consultant!  "
- Danielle Martin, ASBC - President, SMART Solution Consulting, LLC - www.thesmartbusinessconsultant.com

During the three years since the sale of my company, Echo International, I have had several occasions to coach and mentor small businesses and start-ups on a volunteer basis. However, while I enjoyed the experience and felt that I could provide value, I did not feel that I had either the structure or confidence to help potential clients with a thorough and comprehensive examination of their company, much less charge a fee for my services. This changed when I discovered the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants and began studying their comprehensive training book, backed up Dr. Richard Weinberger’s video lectures. Dr. Weinberger is an excellent teacher and brings to life the detailed information covered in the training book. AASBC also offers impressive ongoing member support via newsletters, weekly tips, power points, checklists and more. I am now an accredited member of AASBC and look forward to helping small businesses and start-ups guide their companies to greater efficiency and profits utilizing my personal business experience and the structured approached provided by AASBC. "
- Les Dutka, ASBC - Dutka International

It is no doubt that the AASBC program is a 'ground breaker.’ It is worth more than every amount paid. The video lectures coming from an experienced consultant were broken down to teach everyone in very understandable terms. All of the content available to members is extremely valuable. My consulting business will surely get a lift by attaining the ASMEC certification."
- Oluniyi Olasunkanmi, ASMEC, CEA, CPB - Visionary and Head Advisor at Nikuncept Consulting -www.nikuncept.com - Lagos, Nigeria

My experience with the AASBC has been outstanding! I have over 25 years of business experience in both government and private sectors, a master’s degree (MBA), and several years of consulting experience through my consulting center, so I wasn’t quite sure how much additional knowledge I would learn from the AASBC accreditation process. However, In fact, I found the SEMP Approach training system to be spot on with its focus on small to medium business consulting and providing consultants with an easy to understand and easy to implement process of serving the SME community. The training was rigorous though, and rightly so, as the material is comprehensive, covering the whole gambit of financial statement review and analysis, budgeting, operational management, marketing, risk, internal controls, and strategic planning and some much more. The accreditation has enhanced my confidence to render quality service to my clients, which lets me feel much more confident in my ability to work with SME consulting. Dr. Weinberger is an extremely knowledgeable business leader and educator. He takes a personal interest in the success of every individual associated with AASBC. I am proud of my accreditation and I intend to be an active member of AASBC for many years to come and finally, I am really so proud to be a part of the consultants for SMEs across the world from an organization that has such a great worldwide reputation."
- Othman Boujlea, ASBC - CEO, Business Programming Center, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - www.bp-center.org

Throughout my career, I have obtained licenses and designations to further my knowledge and improve skills. When I started my own consulting business, I knew that I wanted to make sure I persisted in continuing education programs, which is why I joined the AASBC® and became an Accredited Small Business Consultant®. The program materials include the SEMP Approach training book and an on-demand video lecture series that provides a wealth of information pertaining to small businesses and how to help owners increase operational efficiencies and maximize profit. Additionally, there are consulting checklists and tools contained in the book and available for download. "
- Mollie Watkins, ASBC - Founder of Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses

I work with an investment fund dedicated to support SMEs through finance solutions and technical assistance. My experience with AASBC started when my employer decided to register me to the ASMEC program. At the start, I was skeptical about the benefit of attending this training as I have already attended many training sessions in the field of SMEs finance in the past.

Upon starting, I very soon realized that the ASMEC program was different both at the delivery methodology (SEMP approach is very original and concrete) and the practical application of tools learned to SMEs. I learnt many new concepts, tools, etc. that sharpened my consulting practice and really helped me for my daily job requirement in the SMEs finance market.  In addition, the permanent information available on the association website remains a good fit to stay ahead in a competitive market. I can only say thank you to AASBC team for these wonderful resources. Do keep up the momentum! "
- Malan Alexis Kouame, ASMEC - Investment Manager - GroFin - Côte d'Ivoire - www.grofin.com

Dr. Richard Weinberger and the AASBC team has created a first of its kind methodology for an A-Z approach to small businesses consulting. The title of the AASBC training course, “Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit” could not be any more representative of what this method, properly applied, can accomplish for small business clients. Personally, as more of an “in the trenches” management/operational consultant, I was lacking a clear, unambiguous yet thorough procedure to address the financial analysis needs of my clients. The SEMP Approach was precisely what I needed to round out my scope of services. "
- Jason L Savedoff, ASBC - Principal, RVA Advisors, PLLC - filamentequity.com

While I have taken many courses online, I must admit that the SEMP Approach program is second to none. The video and book combination simplify the learning process and the module summaries make sure one fully grasps all the important and pertinent information. This program helped me detect many errors that I was committing in my own professional path and opened my eyes to much valuable information that I am sure my customers are going to love. The different modules touch base on everything a consulting firm needs to look for and if one follows the process, the results will be amazing. I would like to thank Dr. Richard Weinberger and the staff for giving me the knowledge I much needed to further expand my consulting capabilities and to properly attend all my customer’s needs."
- Edgar Danilo Diaz, ASMEC - Diaz Logistics & Consulting EIRL – Lima, Peru - www.dlcperu.net

I am very satisfied with The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants and the SEMP Approach process (Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit). It has been a successful endeavor for my firm to follow this process. First of all, the Association provides a great deal of education and marketing material that is all focused on making the consultant successful. Secondly, becoming a certified member of AASBC has had an immediate and positive effect on my business. I have been more successful in obtaining new clients and further serving existing clients since becoming certified. Following the SEMP Approach process has aided us in delivering a consistent and positive experience to our clients leading to positive reviews for us. Anyone wanting to consult with business owners would be wise to join AASBC and become a certified member."
- Karl R. Carter, ASBC®, FIC - www.tbaygroup.com

It is with highest praise I recommend the AASBC and SEMP approach for small business consulting. From the creation and production of their education workbook and videos, to the community of support they have created for professionals, their accreditation is second to none. Dr. Weinberger and the AASBC team have taken the best information from business theory/concepts and combined it with real world solutions that are deliverable through the client-consultant relationship. I found the Master Accreditation exam required me to pull on every morsel of knowledge I had obtained in the business world and feel it is a trusted measure of a consultant’s ability. Even with years of experience, I find myself regularly using and learning from the SEMP Approach Training Manual. I feel the AASBC has a tremendous service to offer all parties in the small business consulting field."
- Marci E Bunn, Master ASBC – www.bunnconsultinggroup.com

My journey leading up to my ASMEC designation initially began with me researching for months for a programme that would complement aspects of my current line of work, which involves providing micro loans to SMEs and advisory information to the owners of these businesses. The intent was to augment my current skills acquired over a decade with course material that would be both sound and applicable. When the opportunity finally came in the form of the SEMP Approach™, I concluded, once I began to immerse myself in the training book that it aligned with my goal. The book’s content exceeded my expectations as it was extremely comprehensive. The video lectures were helpful, as well, particularly when it came to topics where visual learning was a better approach to internalize certain topics. I fully intend to use the SEMP Approach™ and leverage the acquired knowledge in my position as a small business consultant with my clients, many of whom do not appreciate the significance of a strategy plan or having established internal controls and how these concepts, when executed, impact on the operational efficiency and profitability of their business. This is truly a relatable and valuable resource! Nothing that I have seen in the market to date is comparable. I say this without hesitation, I am proud and feel privileged to be part of an elite group of members associated with this program. I would happily recommend it to my peers."
- Christine Jones, ASMEC - Project Development Officer - The Barbados Agency for Micro Enterprise Development Ltd. - Barbados. West Indies

If you're looking to stand out among the crowded field of consultants, becoming a certified member of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consulting (AASBC) will provide you that edge over the competition. I earned my MBA years ago which led to several successful years in the world of business. The SEMP Approach training manual, along with the accompanying video lecture services, has given me the tools to elevate my consulting business to an even higher level. Therefore, if you're serious about increasing your consulting business, I highly recommend becoming an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC). "
- Denis Sweeney, MBA, ASBC - Sweeney Enterprises, LLC - www.sweenenterprises.com

I am a big fan of the AASBC program!  The material, both written and video, was well conceived, organized, and presented. Each of the modules held valuable information and perspective that is beneficial as a consultant but, also, as a business owner in building my firm. I have  certifications in other fields but the AASBC program was by far the most meaningful program and the best presented that I have experienced. I’m looking forward to blending what I have learned through the AASBC program into my consulting practice and helping the hundreds of business owners that need help to maximize their profits!"
- Dennis Leininger, CEPA, ASBC, CPC - President - Business Transition Solutions - www.btsplan.com

While I am new to the consulting business, I can say that the AASBC and the SEMP Approach training materials have already been valuable to me. In establishing my own consulting firm after over 25 years in contracts negotiations with several years teaching as adjunct faculty on the junior college level, these resources have provided direction and clarity in my new pursuit. The SEMP training manual brought back much of what I had previously learned while earning an MBA and reinforced my understanding of many extremely important concepts. The ASBC designation gives me confidence to serve my clients with a systemic, value-add proposition when I enter discussions about new consulting opportunities. The AASBC site has the information I have needed when I have needed it to help move my consultancy forward. It is a go-to resource that will be a regular part of my business for years to come. "
- Kenneth George, MBA, ASBC – Resource Betterment Consulting, LLC – www.resourcebetterment.com

The AASBC and SEMP Approach have helped my business by certifying the knowledge I have gained over many years in industrial sales and management and establishing with prospective clients a level of skill and expertise that gave them confidence to proceed with engaging my firm. Within two weeks of becoming certified I gained a major new contract with huge long term prospects. I fully endorse the course and its excellent material."
- Steve Gray, ASBC - Castlegates Small Business Consulting - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

My wife and I have an accounting and tax preparation business and wanted to add consulting as an added value to our clients. The course was just what I needed. It was clearly written and well organized for a great learning experience. I downloaded the manual before the print version arrived. Once I had read through it carefully I began the video lectures. Dr. Weinberger has an easy-going manner and makes it easy to learn. It's all really about the transfer of knowledge and the SEMP Approach does that quite well. It never fails to amaze me how many small businesses struggle or never reach their potential. We see it on a daily basis and my primary goal for taking this course was so that I might be able to help some of them succeed. Not only do I have more knowledge, I also have an excellent resource and a systematic method for doing just that. Highly recommended!"
- Steve Hutson, ASBC - TransACTions, LLC - www.surrytaxaccountant.com

As a business consultant, the Association of Accredited of Small Business Consultants is an invaluable resource and community for me to rely upon. I have enhanced my capabilities, creditability, and capacity because of my membership in the AASBC. My Accreditation as a small business consultant (ASBC) has been a great tool for my practice with a straight forward and systematic methodology taught by the AASBC called the SEMP Approach. As a young upstart consultant fresh out of business school with an MBA, the AASBC and the SEMP Approach gave me the confidence I needed to engage clients. The structure and resources that the AASBC has provided me has been the cornerstone of my consulting practice."
- Wayne Encalarde Jr., MBA, ASBC - Encalarde Consultants - www.encalarde.com

I signed up with another consulting website, then found the AASBC site, and was instantly intrigued. After spending some time going through the website, I decided to join. Immediately after joining, I went straight to the other site and cancelled my membership. As soon as my SEMP Approach book came, I started reading to prepare for the accreditation examination. Needless to say, I studied the book that was very well put together, watched every training video, took the exam, and now I am a member of the AASBC as an Accredited Small Business Consultant. I am very pleased with the personal treatment I have received since joining. I look forward to a long and prosperous association with the AASBC. "
- Douglas Walker, CPA, CGMA, ASBC – Upstate Small Business Consulting, LLC - www.upstatesmallbusinessconsulting.com

I heartily recommend the AASBC membership and process. Excellent content delivered in an enjoyable manner. I like referring to the questions for different segments in the book (like Marketing) and also really appreciate the videos. Thanks for helping our practice to grow."
- Gregg Kell, ASBC - Business Success Partner - www.ProfitGrowthBuilders.com

The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants and the Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit (SEMP Approach) is a true, well-organized, and a great way to enhance your business consulting skills. Since becoming certified, I have implemented what I learned in the video lecture series and training book in my seminars and business advising sessions. I have shared with my Small Business Development Center colleagues in South Texas the knowledge I gained on fraud/fraud prevention and provided tips and resources to assist their clients. Overall, the SEMP program provides business consultants the knowledge and resources to meet and exceed our client’s needs. Thank you Dr. Weinberger for making the videos simple and easy to follow and based on the material given."
- Tina Rodriguez, ASBC, Certified Business Advisor IV - Texas A&M International University Small Business Development Center

After 20 years as a resident engineer & project manager for infrastructure construction projects, a part-time instructor for an MBA program, and helping to identify relevant opportunities and content for businesses with experience from my own business (ten employees), I figured I knew almost everything. Not really, particularly after joining the AASBC. At the time I joined, I had just written a book on how to run a successful businesses (based on everything I had learned as a project manager together with a dozen years of participating in a monthly SME discussion group). My book turned out well for publishing, but the AASBC video lecture series is the frosting on the cake. Notable AASBC items not in my book: details on the use of Statement of Cash Flows, SWOT Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Risk Assessment and Fraud Deterrence, and Internal Controls. Dr. Weinberger's presentation of course materials via the AASBC training book is thorough yet quick and easy to understand. The training book, called the SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit, is your ticket to passing the certification exam. When I first took the exam, I thought I was on another planet - what had I been doing for the last fifteen years? Within days, after scouring the training book, I took the exam again and passed. If you’re a small business consultant, or want to be, joining AASBC will give you both the comfort and confidence that you know more about small business than any of your clients - and you’ll be able to deliver the right solution to the myriad of problems every small business owner encounters. "
- Helal Al-Helal, PhD, ASMEC - Founder, Manager at Mac Market Access, Coaching & Consultancy - Kuwait

I pursued accreditation with the AASBC as a way to bring more value to my existing clients and to be able to offer additional insight to future clients. As a bookkeeper/accountant, I am very familiar with numbers, but the SEMP Approach coursework encouraged an expansion of scope, so to speak, so that instead of just spreadsheets and reports I now view marketing, sales funnels, and other parts of my clients' business in order to help them Scale Gracefully (our slogan). As technology continues to evolve, being able to provide perspectives on an entire business from business plan to marketing strategy to accounting and so on is a great value add for my clients."
- Katherine (Katie) Bunschoten, ASBC - Founder, KHBOffice LLC - https://khboffice.com

I'm excited to be an accredited member of the AASBC. The training is one of the best for learning how to consult with and meet the needs of small businesses. Dr. Weinberger does an amazing job of keeping it simple to increase your knowledge and understanding of the material. I've continued to read and study the SEMP Approach training book and watch the video lecture series even after passing the exam. Both are filled with consulting tips and recommendations to offer small business owners that are second to none. Every consultant whose goal is to help small businesses succeed should go through the course, pass the exam, and become an Accredited Small Business Consultant. "
- Paula Gordon, ASBC

From interacting with our small business members, I’ve learned that running successful operations can often feel like a profoundly challenging and even hopeless undertaking. It’s clear to me, in today’s very competitive and ever-evolving business ecosystems, owners need all the help they can get to keep business afloat and profitable. Because quality of life matters and because it’s a known fact that small businesses are largely credited with being the engine that propels quality of life in our communities, Space Coast Credit Union is investing in empowering its business advisors into becoming more than successful business bankers. It’s empowering us into becoming an effective resource that can help owners grow and protect the future of their business. We discovered the AASBC SEMP Approach and instantly recognized its value, benefits and compatibility with the necessary education and knowledge our organization required to construct a strategic and impactful program that delivers our mission and vision for business members. We found the SEMP Approach to be very complete, results-driven, and easy to understand and learn! Thanks to the SEMP training, I am much more confident when helping our business members, as I’m able to look at owners in the eye and with a clear understanding of their challenges provide assistance. The most rewarding experience is the satisfaction our members express, because they know that at SCCU we really care about the future of their business. I strongly recommend the AASBC SEMP program!"
- Ethan F. Sanabria, Business Advisor, ASBC - Space Coast Credit Union - https://www.sccu.com

Participation in the AASBC is the logical choice, and in my opinion, the best choice, for those of us who choose to elevate our consulting practices to a higher level of competency and professionalism. Through participation in the AASBC we not only differentiate ourselves from others, but more importantly, are better enabled to guide clients to achieve higher levels of success and profitability in their businesses by applying the unique tools and techniques developed by the AASBC. The course material is broad, comprehensive, thought-provoking and challenging, as was the ASBC exam. I am thoroughly enjoying my new membership and have been taking full advantage of the methods and the wealth of tools provided. I highly recommend membership in the AASBC. "
- Al Lombardi, ASBC - Next Level Small Business Development, LLC

Dr. Weinberger, I recently completed the ASBC certification (ASMEC since I’m in Canada) and wanted to let you know how useful I have found the program to be. My own personal path to consulting may be a little different than most members. After having worked in high tech for 20+ years, the dot.com bust decimated the industry, and I fell into consulting because no jobs were available. Fortunately, I had worked at some excellent companies where I had gained good experience and previously gone to business school for an MBA. However, I soon found that being a consultant and being an employee are two very different things. The “SEMP Approach” provides a good overview of small business challenges, diagnostic tools, and potential solutions, but even more important is your advice about how to effectively promote and operate a consulting business. I enjoyed watching the videos and frequently found you saying things that mirrored the same lessons I had learned the hard way. It was enlightening to find that many of the issues I have faced in the real world are common to the consulting industry -- things such as the need for advances, strict confidentiality, and effective long-term client relations. I would recommend the ASBC program to anyone thinking of becoming a consultant, participating in the gig economy, or even just starting their career and wanting to gain a solid understanding of small businesses practices. "
- Greg Graham, CMC, ASMEC, MBA, B.Eng - Honour Roll Member, Canadian Association of Management Consultants - Market Metrics Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - www.marketmetrics.ca

I am constantly looking for tools and resources to better educate and advise my clients. As a business generalist, I don’t know every answer. The SEMP Approach not only enables me to better educate my clients regarding the complexities in any given business, it also enables me to put tools in their hands to guide better decision making. Among my favorite tools is the Revenue Analysis Worksheet detailed in the videos. I use this with clients who need to know what to promote and why. Tools that are practical and impactful combined with easily understood information make me the best generalist I can be. Thank you!"
- Jason Nitschke, MA, EDFP, ASBC - Small Business Development Center Director - Great Falls Montana, Development Authority

I made a decision last year to move away from the corporate world and plough back my business experience to the SME’s in South Africa and possibly all of Africa. Even though I did my MBA and PhD in Business Administration, my main concern was – how do I structure my message to the market? I needed a clear business message…benefits to the business owner as well as something executable. In November 2017, I attended a training session by Dr. Richard Weinberger at a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. During this session I was introduced to AASBC and the SEMP Approach. I immediately knew that this was what I was looking for!!! I not only discovered the SEMP Approach which very nicely “packaged” my MBA subjects into an executable for business consulting, but also got to know the AASBC and their incredible support to consultants – even the new comers to this industry like myself. Needless to say I had to become certified. I did not underestimate the examination that followed, but during the examination realised what effort and experience went into the SEMP Approach – it was indeed challenging. I am currently setting up my business and looking forward to take it to the African market knowing that many will benefit through this approach."
- André du Preez, PhD, ASMEC, CBA - Managing Director Cyquapro (South Africa)

Joining the AASBC and becoming an Accredited Small Business Consultant is one of the best decisions I have made. In addition to bolstering my credibility, the training has been the perfect compliment to my bachelor's degree and professional certifications in entrepreneurship. As I build my consulting business, I find myself constantly referring to the text, videos and online reference materials; the downloadable templates and reports are valuable resources that have saved me hours of time! I am proud to be recognized by the AASBC and had no second thoughts regarding the renewal of my membership. Now, all we need is an annual convention and everything will be complete! "
- La Juana Whitmore - ASBC - Small Business Strategist & Accredited Small Business Consultant - www.LaJuanaWhitmore.com

My role in business support requires good understanding of the challenges faced by businesses, especially SMEs. The AASBC accreditation helped me improve my understanding of the practical aspects for consulting intervention. I was supported all the way by AASBC to becoming an Accredited SME Consultant (ASMEC). AASBC provides comprehensive materials with checklists and actionable ideas covering all important areas in a business such as internal control, strategy, marketing, supply chain, accounting, etc. Consultants can benefit from AASBC membership in many ways with an international accreditation and access to support materials."
- Abdulrahman Alotaibi - Trade Advisor - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I am so happy I found out about the AASBC. I was specifically looking for a certification program focused on small to medium sized businesses. I searched high and low and was even considering an MBA. I found the AASBC program to be the perfect fit in my desire to expand my knowledge in the small to medium business category. The materials were excellent and informative including the video lectures. Special thanks to Dr. Richard Weinberger and his team for building such a great program and offering so many useful tools and resources. If you are passionate about helping small to medium businesses, look no further than the AASBC!”"
- Frederick A. Van Den Abbeel, Accredited Small Business Consultant® - Vice President – Business Attraction | Arizona Commerce Authority - https://www.azcommerce.com/

I have been in business consultancy for more than 15 years. With the AASBC wealth of knowledge and structured approach,  I am more confident in providing consultancy services to my clients. Dr. Weinberger takes a personal interest in the success of every individual associated with AASBC with his wealth of  business knowledge and experience. I truly am proud of my accreditation, and I will work hard as an active member of AASBC for many years to come. I highly recommend AASBC certification for professionals who are willing to strengthen their skills in the consultancy field to become professional consultants."
- Falah hashim, ASMEC - General Manager, Bahrain Digital Consultancy - www.bahraindigital.net

Until my relocation to the United States in 2016, I had been privileged to provide consulting services to SMEs in my home country, Nigeria, for almost nine years. My approach to consulting was a mix of different approaches that I had read from various books on small business consulting and MBA materials. Although they were helpful, I was looking for something more valuable and on point. While researching information on becoming a business consultant in the United States, I found the AASBC. I registered immediately after going through the information on the site learning that the SEMP Approach was a well-detailed and established methodology to help small businesses from ground zero. When I received the manual, it brought me into the right perspectives the way I had tried to consult for small businesses for nine years. I knew that being accredited by the AASBC would give me the global leverage I always dreamed about as a consultant. I am now an Accredited Small Business Consultant and excited to be part of the AASBC. I am a raving fan announcing to my peers back home in Africa to come on board. I can’t wait to become a Master ASBC. Well done, Dr. Richard and team! "
- Joel Osebor, ASBC - Chief Executive Officer - Con-Edge Enterprises Solution Limited

The highest recommendation that I can give the AASBC accreditation process is that having completed it myself, I just recommended that my son, who is 22, a recent college graduate, and a software engineer.  For me, the written material and the extensive video library provided a great refresher course in business success and also excellent guidelines for examining and suggesting improvements to small businesses.  But for someone like my son, who is not in the consulting business, I would still suggest the material as an excellent introduction to business and to the key business concepts.  While this is not the intention of the course, I believe that even those not on a "management" career path still need to understand the basics of how a business is measured, how it plans for growth, and how it succeeds in the market place. You have done a commendable job of distilling the key concepts of business performance, business growth, and business enhancement into a very approachable and easy to understand presentation. As someone who has run businesses and worked with businesses for several decades, the course provides concise guidelines to studying, understanding, and helping businesses survive and prosper. Congratulations on a job well done. "
- Peter M. Winkler, ASBC

It is with great pleasure and respect for Dr. Richard Weinberger, that I take a moment to share my thoughts regarding my experience with the AASBC. Words alone could not express the appreciation and gratitude I feel toward Dr. Weinberger and his team. Although I have been involved in business consulting somewhat throughout the years, I felt that it would be a wise decision to enhance my knowledge and understanding of business consulting, which would enable me to provide a superior level of service while guiding clients. After reviewing my options, I found Dr. Richard Weinberger and his team at AASBC. I was amazed at the wealth of information and was astonished at the structure that Dr. Richard Weinberger and his team developed. It was exactly what I needed and was completely surprised at the power behind the SEMP Approach. After 29 years in the general practice of accountancy, I thought the certification would be an easy task. I quickly discovered that the course was a condensed MBA program and the exam was one of the most challenging exams I have ever taken. It was like taking a MBA exam. It is with the greatest of sincerity that I recommend this program for anyone looking to advance in a business consulting practice. I thank you and your team Richard for taking me to the next level, along with the support and encouragement, it was exactly what I was looking for."
- Peter A. Kypreos, B.COMM, MBA, ICIA, ASBC - President/CEO - Kypreos & Associates Ltd. (Canada) - www.kypreos.com

I can highly recommend the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants for any consultant looking for a accreditation for their qualifications and experience. In addition to a very thorough training program, the backup and support materials help develop your consultancy business and puts it ahead of the competition. The process is very thorough and provides direction and value for business owners. For both consultants and small business owners, the AASBC is a great support."
- Gerard Creedon, ASBC - Managing Director - Creedons Business Support Services - Cork, Ireland - www.creedons.ie

Searching for ways to offer value added services to my small business owner clients, I came across the AASBC. I was impressed with the qualifications of Dr. Weinberger and the advisory board and decided to enroll in the online coursework...and I'm glad that I did! I found the course material to be thorough and challenging, yet well thought out and presented. Upon completion of the courses and exam, I am now much more competent and confident in addressing the issues that keep business owners up at night. When offering comprehensive financial advice to business owners, it only makes sense to help them increase their operational efficiencies, profits and ultimately the value of their companies, since this is typically their largest single investment within their overall estate. I have no doubt that my accreditation and affiliation with AASBC makes me a more valuable advisory team member in the eyes of my business owner clients, and I'd highly recommend the AASBC to any advisor who truly wants to make a difference in the lives of business owners."
- R. Travis Evans, ASBC, CFP - www.evansfg.com

The SEMP approach is an intelligent, comprehensive and to the point resource/tool with which to improve your clients' businesses. I highly recommend it."
- Felipe Peres, MBA, ASBC - Center Director - DC Small Business Development Center Network - http://www.dcsbdc.org/

The SEMP approach provides straight-forward and pragmatic methodology to SME consulting. I find the templates (checklists) very valuable and I thoroughly enjoyed the videos! I say well done to Dr. Richard Weinberger and the entire AASBC team. I will highly recommend AASBC to individuals and organizations that have the intention of taking their SME consulting practice to the next level."
- O. Uche Ofili, DBA, PhD, ASBC - Founder - SME Help - Abuja, Nigeria - http://smehelp.org

The ASMEC certification is a great opportunity and achievement where I engage in challenges with a strong base. The AASBC membership provides continuous learning and emphasizes professional approaches. I realize experience demonstrates competence in my career and for me the ASMEC certification is a very worthwhile opportunity that proves my efficiency and knowledge in SME consulting. My heartfelt appreciation goes to Dr. Weinberger who is so generous in advising, teaching, and guiding."
- Mariah Saiegh, MBA, ASMEC - TRACK SME Solutions - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I am a management consultant with more than twenty years of experience in both executive and consulting positions. The first projects that I had been performing for almost all of my clients was called “Organizational Diagnosis”. It was designed on the basis of a systemic approach to organization through dividing the firm’s performances into two interactive sections, “Results Area and Enablers Area”. In that method, my main focus was on identifying and cause and effects analyzing among different parts of the two areas by using problem solving general procedures. I found the SEMP Approach very close to my logic in organizational diagnosis and decided to follow it after achieving the relevant ASBC certification. I found the SEMP approach very easy to understand. It is a simplified, results-oriented approach, which can lead to a common language between the consultant and the clients around major issues in their organization. This method covers almost all aspects of a business, prepares at-a-glance report, and help managers to easily understand their top priorities in improving their performances from the both effectiveness and efficiency points of view. I recommend this approach as the first step in consulting small businesses and believe that further actions could be defined on the basis of the possible outcomes and their relevant priorities in this step."
- Javidreza Hajvaziri, MBA, MSIE, ASBC, CGBP-Independent Management Consultant-https://www.linkedin.com/pub/javidreza-hajvaziri/66/31/703

My experience with AASBC has been outstanding! I have over 30 years of corporate management experience, a master’s degree in management, and several years of consulting experience, so I wasn’t quite sure how much additional I would learn from the AASBC accreditation process. The training material was very comprehensive and well presented. I not only learned about aspects of business and consulting I had not previously experienced, I gained a new level of confidence in my ability to handle any small business situation that I might be presented with. The test is challenging and requires that you have studied and understood the material. Because of this strict requirement anyone can be assured that a consultant accredited through AASBC has the knowledge necessary to provide valuable consulting services. Dr. Weinberger is an extremely knowledgeable business leader and educator. He takes a personal interest in the success of every individual associated with AASBC. I am proud of my accreditation and I intend to be an active member of AASBC for many years to come."
- John Rouse, ASBC - President of Professional Resources Organization, LLC - www.pro-professionalresources.com

Consultants will naturally do research before taking on a client, a project, or joining an association. That was exactly what I did, I found the AASBC while searching the Internet and after speaking with Richard Weinberger (AASBC's CEO), there was no doubt in my mind, I would like to be a part of this organization. After more than a dozen years of entrepreneurial experience and working as a financial advisor for a fortune 500 firm on top of attending business school, I still found the AASBC's Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit (SEMP) Approach very helpful and practical. Whether you are an experienced consultant or new in the industry, SEMP will serve well as backbone approach for small business consultants of any industry. I am proud to be an Accredited Member of the AASBC, and I am looking forward to the Master Accreditation soon. "
- Thomas Le, CS, ASBC, LUTCF, USPTA. - Managing Partner - NorCal Athletics, LLC. - www.NorCalAthleticsLLC.com

The SEMP Approach Training Manual is outstanding. Many thanks to Dr. Richard Weinberger and AASBC for creating such an exceptional program. I like every module in the training manual, including the video lecture series because they give knowledge and skills that can immediately apply to the small business consulting. I think the training follows a very systematic simplified approach. When I passed the exam, I was feeling proud about the ASBC designation, the credibility and the professional image that the ASBC designation gives, because the examination was challenging and demanding. I think the association's focus on the area of small business consulting not only gives individuals the tools, confidence, and professional image to practice small business consulting, but also helps to grow the economy through helping small business owners in providing the value added services."
- Joy Chacko, MBA, M. Com, PGDM, PGDPM, B.Com, ASBC

I ventured into small business five years ago after a career of 26 years with a multinational corporation. I, also, started a DBA (Doctoral of Business Administration) some months ago to improve my skills and competencies as an educator and a business consultant with a focus on small business. I realized that obtaining a certification in small business consulting would be an added advantage and discovered the AASBC while researching for a professional body that offers certification in small business consulting. The profiles of Dr. Weinberger and members of AASBC Advisory Board and the quality of the training manual convinced me of the high standards of the AASBC accreditation. The AASBC's SEMP Approach, the video lecture series, and the accreditation exam covers all the crucial aspects of operating a business and provides a solid knowledge for small business consulting. The accreditation has enhanced my confidence to render quality service to my clients. I would recommend it for anyone willing to pursue a career in small business consulting. "
- Akinyemi John, ASMEC, CRM, MPA - Ontario, Canada

In my 22-year journey as a banker, I loved working with SMEs. It has been my dream to one day become a consultant to SMEs. I researched to find a credible institution to work with to achieve this goal. The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC) is the perfect answer. I must congratulate the founder of AASBC, Dr. Richard Weinberger, and the team for the excellent range of training materials they developed to "whip up" the best in us and develop the right skill sets to consult with SMEs. As for the examination! Wow, it is tough. You'll know you have it "right" after passing. I am really proud to be a part of the consultants for small businesses and SMEs across the world. "
- Stanislaus Deh, ASMEC - CEMI (Certified Expert in Micro Insurance) - BSc, MSc - Stanbic Bank, Ghana

When I made the decision to go into business for myself, focusing on SMB consulting, I was lucky to find AASBC. The SEMP Approach is an amazing business examination and, honestly, I feel anyone looking to get into small business for themselves should consider studying the course work and taking the exam. I am so glad I found AASBC, and I know the certification, access to planning materials, and the AASBC community will be a great asset to me as I continue to grow my practice and increase my knowledge of business development. "
- Nehcole Felix, ASBC

I recently had the distinct pleasure of completing the Accredited Small Business Consultant certification program with the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (www.aasbc.com). Even with an MBA, a Master’s in Computer Information Technology, and 25 years experience in the corporate world, I found the SEMP training system to be spot on with its focus on small business and providing consultants with an easy to understand and easy to implement process of serving the small business community. The training was rigorous though, and rightly so, as the material is comprehensive, covering the whole gambit of financial statement review and analysis, budgeting, operational management, marketing, risk, internal controls, and strategic planning. Upon completion and successfully passing the examination, I felt much more confident in my ability to work with small businesses. I am proud to be an Accredited Small Business Consultant, and I look forward to achieving Master status in the near future. "
- John P. Feit, MBA, MSCIT, ASBC, CHLC, CEC - JPF Consulting Group, LLC -

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