40 Video SEMP Approach™ Lecture Series

The SEMP Approach™ video lecture series is designed to enhance your learning process of the SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit™ the simple way by watching and listening.

The 40-video lecture series follow the SEMP Approach training book from the beginning of the Introduction through all learning modules.

If you learn better by reading, you will have the SEMP Approach training book available to you – printed and viewable digital version.

If you learn better by watching and listening, you will have the video SEMP Approach lecture series available to you.

If you learn better by reading, watching, and listening, we’ve got you covered again! Read the SEMP Approach training book and then watch the video lecture series or vice-versa. Whatever works best for you!

The SEMP Approach video lecture series is designed specifically for you.

  • 40 video lectures covering all aspects of the SEMP Approach
  • 17+ hours of viewing
  • Material and content made simple
  • Great combination with the SEMP Approach training book to maximize learning
  • Prepares you to pass the certification exam
  • Become an ASBC (Accredited Small Business Consultant) or ASMEC (Accredited SME Consultant for international members)

Start learning today!

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