Standards and Ethics


    Members in good standing of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which brings honor and prestige to the Association by upholding certain responsibilities and obligations of membership.


    • A. Client Interest
      Members shall understand that the client’s interest is the top priority in any consulting engagement and shall undertake all consulting engagements with complete integrity, objectivity, professionalism, and diligence.
    • B. Avoidance of Conflict of Interests
      Members shall not undertake any engagements in which there might be a conflict of interest or the perception of a conflict of interest without first discussing the potential conflict with their client. Should a conflict of interest develop during the engagement, the member should immediately cease work and discuss such conflict with the client.
    • C. Confidentiality
      Members shall keep all information obtained from client strictly confidential and should not divulge to anyone any such confidential, privileged, or proprietary information regarding client or client’s business without express written or oral consent from their client.
    • D. Discreditable Acts
      Members shall not commit any unethical or illegal acts that bring discredit to the Association or to other members of the Association.
    • E. Reasonable Fees
      Members shall have a complete understanding with the client prior to commencement of the consulting engagement and shall charge reasonable fees relative to the work being performed.

    • A. Professional Competence
      Members shall only accept consulting engagements for which they can reasonably expect to complete with a high degree of competence within the timeframe agreed to with the client. If a member does not have the competence and confidence to undertake an engagement when first presented with an opportunity for consultation services, member should seek to gain such competence through additional studying and research before accepting such engagement.
    • B. Due Professional Care
      Members shall conduct all engagements with due professional care, attention to detail, and follow-up when necessary.
    • C. Understanding and Communication with Clients
      Members shall clearly communicate with client, orally or in writing, the scope of work to be performed, the work plan, and responsibilities of each party in completing the consulting engagement.
    • D. Continuing Education
      Members shall maintain professional competence by remaining current on matters relating to small business consulting.

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