SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit

​The SEMP Approach is a step-by-step methodology on how to consult with small businesses and SME's to increase operational efficiency and maximize profits.​

Small businesses and SMEs need help

It is estimated that there are approximately 30 million small businesses in the United States and more worldwide. Unfortunately, 7 out of 10 new businesses will likely survive for only two years and half will likely survive for only five years — staggering statistics.

The SEMP Approach is a simplified guide segmented into easy, manageable units structured by a plan and checklists. It is summarized into a comprehensive 400-page book encompassing all aspects of small business and SME consulting.

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What's Included with SEMP Approach

AASBC 400-page SEMP Approach training book is filled with

  • Questions to ask clients
  • Possible recommendations
  • Consulting tips
  • Individual training modules which include:
    • Small Business and SME Today
    • What a SWOT Analysis can do for a Small Business/SME
    • Essentials of Operational Management
    • Business Growth through Planning
    • Basic Accounting 101
    • Discover the Secrets of Financial Statements
    • Increase Profits with a Revenue and Expense Review
    • Let's not Forget about Assets and Liabilities
    • Ratio Analysis: Quick Indicators of Financial Performance
    • The Benefits of Budgets
    • Marketing: An Integral Part of Small Business Success
    • How Fraud can Ruin a Business
    • Strengthen a Business with Internal Controls
    • Financing: Always a Topic of Interest
    • Business Organizations
    • How to Promote a Consulting Practice (or any Business)
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Table of Contents & Introduction

The 40-video SEMP Approach lecture series

  • Combines with the SEMP Approach training book to maximize understanding
  • Small business and SME concepts made simple on videos
  • Learn at your leisure - watching and listening

Access to exclusive resources and development tools

  • Checklists and practice aides
  • Pre-designed custom monthly newsletters
  • Member community forum
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Knowledge center with behind-the-scenes research an important component to complete a successful engagement
  • Free use of 50+ financial calculators
  • Archived business articles for your review
  • Tax forms available for all states (U.S.)
  • Special business reports

Major Benefits of SEMP Approach

Assist your clients in growing their small businesses and SMEs

  • Learn all aspects of small business and SME consulting with an easy-to-follow, logical, concise, systems approach
  • Practice aides (checklists) to guide and support you
  • SEMP Approach teaches you how to think "out of the box"
  • Can fit your skill level and needs of your client

Promote your own small business or SME consulting practice

  • With new skills
  • With new ideas
  • With more to offer small business and SME clients
  • Easy to use resources to help market your services
  • Add additional revenue streams to your new or already existing business as opportunities

AASBC Branding and designation

  • Designation on business cards, stationery, and website
  • Public recognizes your achievement as an Accredited Small Business Consultant or Accredited SME Consultant
  • Allows you to project a unique, professional image
  • Distinguishes you from your colleagues who have not obtained the ASBC or ASMEC certification
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