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​The SEMP Approach is a step-by-step methodology on how to consult with small businesses and SME's to increase operational efficiency and maximize profits.​ AASBC’s 400-page SEMP Approach training book is a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about maximizing your profit. Included in the book:

  • Questions to ask clients
  • Possible recommendations
  • Consulting tips
  • Individual training modules which include:
    • Small Business and SME Today
    • What a SWOT Analysis can do for a Small Business/SME
    • Essentials of Operational Management
    • Business Growth through Planning
    • Basic Accounting 101
    • Discover the Secrets of Financial Statements
    • Increase Profits with a Revenue and Expense Review
    • Let's not Forget about Assets and Liabilities
    • Ratio Analysis: Quick Indicators of Financial Performance
    • The Benefits of Budgets
    • Marketing: An Integral Part of Small Business Success
    • How Fraud can Ruin a Business
    • Strengthen a Business with Internal Controls
    • Financing: Always a Topic of Interest
    • Business Organizations
    • How to Promote a Consulting Practice (or any Business)
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