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Joining the AASBC® is an easy process. Simply complete the online application and pay $749 with a credit or debit card through our secure system. This is an all inclusive fee (shipping charges are added for international members) that includes membership, ASBC® or ASMEC® (designation for international members) certification exam and accreditation upon successful passing, and all benefits of memberships.  You will have immediate access to a digital version of the SEMP Approach™ training book and video lecture series. The printed training book will be shipped to you via priority United States postal service for U.S. residents and priority shipping for international members. Upon registration, a receipt will be emailed to you for confirmation. Annual renewal dues are $149.00: however, you are under no obligation to renew and the automatic renewal can be canceled at any time. (Sales tax added for Texas residents.)

If you prefer, you can download the application, print, and send it with a check to our Member Services Department at:

Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants
Attn: Member Services Department
7000 North Mopac Expy, Suite 200
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