Create Teamwork to Produce Greater Results

November 19, 2021

All businesses require teamwork in order to achieve optimum efficiency and productivity. Even a small business or SME with a limited number of employees needs everyone working together to achieve goals, service customers, and make sales. When this occurs with repeated frequency, the business becomes viable, profitable, and provides jobs. Even when employees work remotely, employees can still work together and have a team concept.

Achieve Together

When employees work together, the collective group can achieve much more than individuals working only by themselves. Employees provide backup for coworkers when someone is out, work together to solve problems, and pitch in when workloads become unbalanced. Communication is a key element in having a cohesive work group. Rather than thinking only about one's self, employees begin to think about each other and the business as a team. It is reassuring for employees to know that there is reliable and competent backup when needed.

Employees know (or should know) their individual job functions but when taken as a whole, a collective group becomes smarter and more proficient than individuals working alone. As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” What one employee might miss regarding a process, procedure, discussion with a customer, etc., another employee might spot that could correct a deficiency.

Create Energy

Employees want to work in a positive environment. They want to be motivated and excited about what they do and whom they work with. Teamwork produces this type of atmosphere and energy. When a group works together, has common goals, watches out for each other, and thinks "we" rather than "I," everyone is energized to accomplish more and produce better quality work.

As teamwork becomes more prevalent in a business, trust between employees starts to increase that allows individuals to capitalize on their strengths while readily accepting assistance to improve areas of weaknesses and learn new skills. Trust also allows information to be shared with coworkers. The free flow of information creates an atmosphere of engagement leading to, “What can I do to help my company succeed?”

Make Things Happen

When working individually, one person is limited to what and how much can be accomplished. When working as a team, however, much greater accomplishments can be achieved. While an objective might seem impossible for an individual, teamwork can make the impossible achievable. Rather than working with pre-set parameters, narrow visions, and limited accomplishments, a dynamic team can have an expanded vision of what can be accomplished working together. Spectacular results can become the norm rather than the exception.

And, when something goes wrong which will always happen in a business, teamwork can promote solutions rather than laying blame. Collective minds can solve problems much faster than individuals trying to cover up a mistake. The input from a group can produce excellent solutions and better outcomes.

Better With It Than Without It

Since there are many advantages of a teamwork environment and relatively no downside, businesses should strive to create this type of atmosphere that fosters teamwork and rewards success when business goals are accomplished. If a business has employees, it should strive to make teamwork “work.” Large businesses stress teams and teamwork all the time. Small businesses can do the same. It is so much better to have it than not to have it!

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