Email Campaigns To Help A Business Through A Pandemic

August 24, 2020

Email campaigns, sometimes referred to as nurturing campaigns, refer to the cultivation and growth of existing, potential, and/or prior prospects in order to create new opportunities and business growth. Although email campaigns have been around for a long time, utilizing proper email approaches during this current pandemic can prove to be a sustainable method of developing and converting connections to sales. Email campaigns allow a business to not only communicate with current and/or local customers but allows for connecting with potential customers and the expansion into untapped and underserved markets that might not even be in close proximity to the business’ main place of operations.

Email nurturing campaigns are not necessarily about selling any specific product or service. Instead, email nurturing campaigns allow a business to demonstrate to customers and prospects exactly what it does, expertise it has, and highlights the benefits it can provide to customers. These campaigns are designed to help a business communicate with valuable and high-quality customers and prospects. Whether a business is in the start-up stage or has been profitable and sustainable for years, email campaigns can target particular groups zeroing in on specific needs, problems, and expectations.

The following campaigns target three specific target groups to help a business develop engaging and successful email nurturing campaigns.

1.    Existing Customer Follow-Up Campaign

The main goal of a customer follow-up email campaign is to keep existing customers engaged and ready to make repeat purchases when necessary. It is an opportunity for a business to offer information on both current and new products and services while at the same time keeping the lines of communication open ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Ongoing customer support is a key element to keep a business’ name and brand in front of customers. Since competitors will always be striving to obtain new customers within the same marketplace, businesses must be proactive in engaging with its own customers. While well-crafted emails certainly allow for simple interaction between a business and its customers, they can also be used to upsell and cross-sell additional products and services adding to an already existing revenue stream.

2.    New Prospects Campaign

Every day individuals and businesses are bombarded with countless emails and advertisements. Obviously, consumers and purchasers become adept at selectively choosing what they pay attention to. New prospects can be generated using a variety of methods, such as offering some type of free download, additional product or service information, discounts, special promotions, new hours, extended payment plans, or expanded delivery, 

For this type of email campaign to be successful, the business must focus on creating content that will immediately peak the reader’s interest. This can be ensured with a strong call to action (CTA) in which readers start to engage as soon as an email is opened. Content must be direct, clear, and specific, so recipients are instantly aware of (1) how their email address was obtained (2) why they are receiving the email, and (3) how the offering product or service will benefit them or their business. 

3.    Re-engagement with Prior Customers and Prospects

In business, customers will always come and go for a variety of reasons. It might be a customer who once was interested in a product or service simply has a change of mind or something more complex in that needs and problems have changed. These prior customers and prior prospects are still valuable with potential buying power. 

Although this group might not be producing current revenue, they possess the ability to do so in the future. With email programs, mail merge software, and CRM (customer relationship management) software, it is quite easy and inexpensive for a business to have regular email blasts to prior customers and prospects. Obtaining one or two new customers or orders can be well worth the time, effort, and cost involved.

Capture Their Interest

With so many emails received daily, getting noticed from the crowd is of utmost importance. Thus, an intriguing subject line must immediately capture the recipient’s interest. This might include something personal, a key phrase, or a special offer. The main objective is just to get the email opened. With the right content and incentives, a successful email nurturing campaign is achievable for any type of business.

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