Email Nurturing Campaigns To Help A Business Grow

June 18, 2019

Email nurturing campaigns refer to the cultivation and growth of (1) potential, (2) existing, or (3) previous customers and old leads to create new opportunities and boost sales. Although social media is certainly a popular form of online interaction, email communication is a proven and reliable method of nurturing and converting connections into sales. This type of communication (email) allows businesses to connect in large quantities with individuals and other businesses literally any place in the world making it an extremely attractive communication method for small businesses and SMEs. 

Email nurturing is certainly about selling, but it is much more. Email campaigns allow a business to demonstrate to customers exactly what it does, share expertise, and explain its unique value proposition while moving toward an eventual sale.

Campaigns are designed to help a business communicate with current and prospective customers that leads to business growth and added value.  Whether a business is in the start-up stage or has been profitable and ongoing for years, it can target specific market segments that need its products or services.

Potential Customers

Individuals and businesses are bombarded daily with countless advertisements (on and offline), which means that these same individuals and businesses are most likely very selective at choosing what messages to pay attention to and what messages to ignore. A first step in communicating with prospective customers is to capture email addresses after a request for some type of information.

The focus of follow-up e-mails to potential customers must craft content that will immediately spark interest, engage the reader, and have a call-to-action. Content should be specific, so recipients clearly understand why they are receiving the email and how the business’ products or services will benefit them or their business. The content should also remind the recipient what information was originally requested and exactly what is being offered. 

Existing Customers

The main goal of a successful follow-up email campaign for existing customers is one that strives to keep these customers completely satisfied and ready for repeat purchases. It creates an opportunity to answer any questions, receive feedback, or provide additional customer service.

A critical element in keeping a business’ name in front of customers is ongoing communication that provides high-quality content that is related to the products or services purchased. This builds brand loyalty to maximize customer satisfaction allowing for additional future sales.

Previous Customers and Old Leads

Losing customers and forgetting about old leads is something that happens in every business. Rather than letting these valuable leads go to waste, the right email campaign can revitalize interest in what a business has to offer. 

Getting an email opened by previous customers or old leads is the first step of the re-engagement process. Therefore, with the multitude of daily emails, a business must get its email noticed with an intriguing subject line followed by content that is clear and concise. Understanding that individuals and businesses are incentive-driven, the email should offer some incentive as a motivator to purchase. The goal is to create another positive business relationship for previous customers and create a new relationship from previous old leads that did not initially materialize into sales.

The Right Approach

With the right approach, content, and incentive, a business can target various groups and market segments with email nurturing campaigns to achieve increased sales and higher net profits.

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