Employee Training, Not Necessary? Think Again!

October 22, 2019

Training, training, training...there can never be enough articles written about employee training or never enough actual training. While the methods and subjects of training might seem superficial at times, the importance of training can never be underestimated.

Large companies, small businesses, big cities, rural towns...it does not matter the size or location, employee training is a must. A retail business, manufacturing operation, professional office, or service business...every employee must know precisely what is expected, and how the job should be performed to accomplish the desired results.

Desired Results

Every business has (or should have) desired results. What are those desired results? Obviously, desired results will most likely center around operations (sales, operational efficiency, net profit, dedicated employees, etc.) and customers.


The desired results of operations certainly cannot be accomplished if employees are not well-trained. When there is no training or little training (both basically producing less than desired results), employees have no idea exactly what is expected of them or how to perform required job responsibilities. Each job position has to have some required tasks; otherwise, there is no need for an employee to be in that particular position. Whether it’s answering the phone, giving a sales presentation, waiting on a table, assisting in a medical office, coding a software program, assembling a piece of equipment, or shipping an order, precise steps are necessary to accomplish what is required in the most efficient manner possible.

Clearly, the only way for employees to know how to do a job and what is expected of them is through training. Training, however, cannot be a one-time training session only at the beginning of one’s employment. It must be continuous to refresh previous training, generate new ideas, and train in the newest developments (depending on the business and industry).

A secondary benefit of employee training is employee satisfaction. Employees generally want to do the best job possible. Training gives employees a sense of engagement and job satisfaction. They not only learn how to do their jobs better but stay better informed about the business...all leading to company loyalty and dedication.


Do customers need training? No, but employees need training, so they know how to satisfy customers and be able to accurately explain products and services being offered. A sale can be quickly lost when employees either do not properly perform their jobs as it relates to customers, cannot explain the benefits of products and/or services offered, or how the company’s products and/or services will benefit the customer. Uninformed employees can produce customer dissatisfaction. And, everyone knows that customer dissatisfaction leads to...of course, lost sales and decreased profits.

Small or Large

Whether it’s a one-person shop, a business with 250 employees, or somewhere in between, all businesses must have ongoing employee training. Employees must know how to do their jobs, what is expected of them, and how to relate and communicate with customers. This basic premise holds true regardless of size. An owner can train the one employee a business has while an HR department, training department, or manager can train multiple employees.

A fact is that employees must have ongoing training, so a business can achieve its objectives regardless of what those objectives might be.

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