If It Needs Doing, Do It Now

February 20, 2023

From restricted cash flow to poor employee morale, small businesses and SMEs can experience an array of issues or problems that can ultimately affect net profit. The ramifications, such as a loss in productivity and sales, can be immediate while other situations can smolder over a long period of time before igniting into a firestorm that can ultimately ruin a once successful business, even bringing it to the point of closing. 

Immediate Intervention

Whether a business is burning cash at an alarming rate, losing long-time customers, dealing with unmotivated employees, or underperforming on a consistent basis, immediate intervention is necessary to correct a problem and return a business to operating at peak efficiency. Disregarding an issue or postponing a needed fix is a delay tactic rather than a solution. Situations that negatively affect the ongoing operations of a business rarely solve themselves. Business issues must be confronted head-on in a positive manner that will produce immediate, constructive results. Delays are never beneficial for any business. On the contrary, incorporating timely and necessary changes can help propel a business forward and grow.

Decision Making

Owners and managers of small businesses and SMEs must be skillful decision-makers when it comes to handling business dilemmas. They need to be competent and confident in their choices regarding business issues and problems. Businesses must keep striving to make improvements and updates on a regular basis to stay competitive. This process of evolution is an ongoing cycle of:

  • Operational issues
  • Situation analysis
  • Problem solving alternatives
  • Decision-making

Management must understand that this is a normal part of operating a small business or SME. Rather than shying away from problematic issues, owners and managers should view these situations as opportunities for improvement.

Immediate Action

In a small business or SME, there will always be a never-ending multitude of challenging situations. How and when these situations are handled will have a direct effect on a business's profit and long-term sustainability. Problem-solving, of course, can encompass a wide range of situations. From small mistakes to larger obstacles, figuring out how best to resolve them is an important skill for any business leader.


Regardless of the nature of the business issue, management must show leadership in resolving issues and potential problems. This must be accomplished to eliminate or minimize any negative impact a problematic issue has on the business. Solving a challenging situation, learning from the experience, and preventing a similar situation in the future strengthens a small business or SME and prepares it to better handle new situations as they arise in the future. 

Do It Now Rather Than Later

Acting quickly and decisively to address needs is essential for business success. By taking action now, businesses can save time and resources by avoiding costly mistakes at a later date. Additionally, immediate action allows businesses to take advantage of opportunities that may arise due to timely action. The bottom line is that if something needs doing in a business, now is always better than later.

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