It’s All In The Fine Details

April 23, 2019

When speaking of written contracts, the details are always in the fine print. If you’re the selling company, you want to ensure that all of the fine points are detailed so there is no confusion on the part of the buyer. If you’re the buyer, you want to make sure that the contract is not heavily weighed to the benefit of the seller. Both seller and buyer pay close attention to the details.

When it comes to actually operating a business or satisfying customers, however, many sellers (businesses) forget about the many important details necessary to achieve ultimate success and customer satisfaction. 

Don’t Forget The Details

All businesses have a multitude of details that must (or should) be handled properly. Unfortunately, to the detriment of many businesses, there is a lack of attention to these details. Examples might be:

•    A retail business not approaching customers in a timely manner.
•    A manufacturing business not paying close attention to how orders are packed and shipped.
•    A receptionist in a professional office not greeting clients or patients with an upbeat, positive attitude.
•    A restaurant not immediately cleaning tables or making sure patrons are well serviced.
•    An answering call center not answering the phone as if they really worked for the business.
•    An Internet-based business not having a website that is easy to navigate.
•    A sales rep not following up on orders.

Obviously, the list could be endless with examples of businesses not paying attention to details. Although a business (owner, manager, or employees) might think details are not too important or they simply don’t have time to worry about details, the opposite is true. Attention to details is an important aspect of any successful business. Many surveys show that the most successful companies are run by CEOs who pay attention to details. This does not mean that they micro manage the businesses they lead, but it does mean that they understand the importance that attention to details plays in the overall picture and success of their businesses.

Improve Performance

Attention to details prevents mistakes, increases operational efficiency, promotes customer satisfaction, and helps motivate employees. Leaders lead by example and paying attention to details filters down to every employee. When everyone is aware of the importance placed upon the details of a business...even the small details...the business operates more efficiently with increased satisfaction by all stakeholders.

Little things definitely make a big difference in business. As a small business/SME owner or manager, little things should never be overlooked. Attention to detail is care, accuracy, and overall concern for the welfare of the business. With the constant concentration on attention to details, business improves and satisfaction increases. Alternatively, when there is a lack of attention to details, there is general dissatisfaction, loss of revenues, and bad reviews all resulting in decreased profits. 

Although one dissatisfied customer (due to lack of attention to details) does not seem like a big factor to the success of a business, the compound effect of one dissatisfied customer after another begins to take a definite toll on a business. A leading factor in achieving long-term business success is for owners and managers to make a concentrated effort to ensure that all details of a business (not just some details) are treated with utmost importance. 

Contracts or business’s all in the fine details.

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