One Quick Question To Improve Your Business

June 21, 2022

Small businesses and SMEs are in constant need of improvement. Rarely is there a business that cannot be improved in some way. Sales are stagnant or even declining. Expenses are increasing. Loyal customers are going to the competition. Something is not exactly right but you just can’t quite put your finger on it. On the other hand, business is good. Sales are increasing. Costs are remaining constant. New customers are combining with loyal customers to build a better foundation, but is the status quo what you want? Could business still be improved?

One Quick Question

Every business operates with numerous processes, procedures, marketing campaigns, sales presentations, etc. all with the goal to achieve certain objectives. Regardless of the number of employees, each employee will have certain responsibilities. When you combine all of the various processes and employees, a picture of the business emerges. Sometimes, there is a really good picture and other times a rather blurred picture. A goal of any business might be to fine tune the picture to make it even more clear and vibrant. How is that done?

For every process, procedure, marketing campaign, sales presentation, etc., one quick question can be asked over and over again that can be the basis to improve any business. “How can we do this better?”

Just imagine if this quick question was asked regarding every facet of a business. Whether it’s an office procedure, warehouse process, supply chain management issue, inventory control, website, prospecting, marketing, sales, budgeting, asset security, or any other item a business deals with, just imagine if this question “How can we do this better?” was asked.

A Successful Strategy

By asking this quick question, having an open mind, and adopting new techniques, businesses can have fascinating and highly beneficial results. A successful strategy, however, cannot be to accept an answer that whatever is being reviewed cannot be made better. A deeper analysis might be to ask, “Why can this or that not be made better?” Obviously, there will be many things in a business that cannot be improved but the practice of analysis and questioning the status quo will prove to be a successful strategy in itself. Perhaps, no changes will need to be made today, but the door can be opened for possible improvements in the future.

By asking the question (How can we do this better?), not accepting an initial answer of “nothing can be improved,” and probing further can lead to profitable improvements that might never have been thought about if it was not for this one quick, probing question.

Probe and Value Opinions

The success of asking “How can we do this better?” is to receive constructive criticism and beneficial feedback. “Everything is great” is not a response that leads to building a stronger business. Detailed probing and valuing everyone’s opinion is what strengthens a business. When everyone works together and has an open mind regarding operational improvement (and egos are left at the door), positive progress can be made.

How Can We Do This Better?

Ask employees, ask customers, ask vendors, ask business acquittances, “How Can We Do This Better?” The truth is that almost every small business and SME can be improved in some way that will increase operational efficiency and profitability. One quick question must be asked, however, and positive responses implemented. This is what allows a business to focus on strengths and improve upon weaknesses leading to long-term sustainable and continuous growth, but the question must be asked, “How Can We Do This Better?”

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